Welcome to SOCATT (K)

The Society of Clerks at the Table in Kenya SOCATT (K) is an association of the Clerksof County Assemblies and their officers.It is a platform for sharing best practices and harmonize the legislative procedures and practice across the County Assemblies in Kenya.

In order to effectively realize its mandate SOCATT ( K ) is organized in four standing committees namely; The Legal Affairs Committee whose objective is to initiate, monitor, review and advice on all legal matters; The Human Resource Committee that advises on all matters compensation, employment, structures and scheme of service and conditions of service of the staff of the County Assemblies as well as review and advise on key human resource policies for the County Assemblies Service Board; The Finance Committee that advises on the financial planning, management, and financial reporting with a view to advise and recommend solutions and The Procedure and Practice Committee that studies and recommend the best practices in procedures and practices to the County Assemblies, conducts regular needs assessment for procedures and practices and recommends appropriate actions.

Through the activities of SOCATT (K) under the three strategic directions; SOCATT has had several successes in capacity development, parliamentary strengthening and networking and collaboration. These achievements include several trainings with staff of the County Assemblies, development and publication of Model Manuals, the National Symposium for Clerk and their Assistants, the successful negotiation of increased County Assembly ceilings for FY17/18, and contributed to heightening public awareness and understanding of the County Assemblies.